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Bill Payment Options

For your convenience, Water District #1 of Midland County is now offering credit and debit card payments. We have teamed up with Point & Pay to offer electronic payment solutions. Water District #1 accepts credit/debit card payments three different ways:

  1. At our office: 246 E. Price Rd Midland, MI 48642
  2. Over the phone: 989-687-2709
  3. Online:  At – With our online option, Point & Pay also offers electronic check payments.

Point & Pay charges the customer a processing fee for credit/debit card payments. The processing fee is a $2.00 minimum fee, or 3%…whichever is greater.

Point & Pay charges the customer a processing fee for using the electronic check payment method as well. The processing fee for electronic checks is $3.00 for checks up to $10,000 and $10.00 for any checks over $10,000

Click here to see information on Point & Pay processing Fees

If you have any questions, call the office at 989-687-2709

Thank You!

Payment Options:

Mail PO Box 320, Sanford, MI 48657 (NOT Recommended)

Office Water District No. 1  – 246 E. Price Road, Midland, MI 48642 (Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon and 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.)

After Hours Drop-box at Water District No. 1 gate

Auto draft is available – payment is taken from the customer’s checking or savings account. Forms are located under Customer Links (contact office for questions 687-2709)

Online Payment – See Bill Payment link or click here to be directed to the online payment site.


  • Bills are due:
    • March 20
    • June 19
    • September 18
    • December 18

Late fees and penalties will not be waived for any reason.
Penalties are 10% of the balance outstanding after the above due date.

  • Bills MUST be paid by this date at 5 pm to avoid shutoff:
    • January 18
    • April 19
    • July 19
    • October 18
  • Shutoffs will OCCUR on:
    • Jan 19 2023
    • April 20 2023
    • July 20 2023
    • October 19 2023

Payment must be RECEIVED by 5 pm the day before shutoff day to avoid being shut off.
If water gets shut off, payment in full, plus a $50.00 turn on fee must be paid in order to restore service.

Water District #1 Of Midland County

Fax: 989-687-9145


Monday - Friday
8AM-Noon & 1PM-5PM
(with the exception of holidays)

Mailing Address:

PO Box 320
Sanford MI 48657

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