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Our gate is now open and the office will be accepting payments at our new walk-up window. This is located to the right of the entrance door. The dropbox will still be in place for payments to be dropped off at any time. As always, we still offer pay by phone or online with a credit/debit card (incurs a 3% or a minimum of $2 fee), pay by mail (please be aware that mailed payments may not get to us or may get to us late), and auto draft from a checking or savings account.

Be aware that if you choose to pay your bill with bill payment from your financial institution, that they take the money from your account right away and mail in a paper check to us. To that end, there is a chance your payment can get lost in the mail or reach us late and incur a penalty.

Our office hours are 8-12 and 1-5 Monday thru Friday. You can access your account history and balance here at anytime.

We are looking for people with soldered copper plumbing predating July 1988 for lead and copper sampling.  If interested, please call us at 989-687-2709

Water District #1 Of Midland County

Serving the townships of Edenville, Hope, Jerome, Lee, Lincoln, and the Village of Sanford

Building A Better Future By Providing Water To It’s Citizens!

Established in 1970, Midland County DPW began providing potable water to citizens within the original system; Jerome Township, Lincoln Township, and the Village of Sanford. Over the next few decades, Midland County DPW continued to build out within these three entities. The turn of the new millennium brought with it a new name for the Midland County DPW. The name changed to Water District Number One of Midland County (WD#1) in the year 2000. Along with the new name, the thought to start expanding the system into surrounding townships was established. In 2008, WD#1 began a project to extend its water system into Lee Township, followed by Edenville Township in 2010, and Hope Township in 2013.

Water District #1 of Midland County purchases their water from the City of Midland. WD#1 then distributes the water to the townships of Jerome, Lincoln, Lee, Edenville, and Hope, and the Village of Sanford. WD#1 is committed to building a better future by providing safe drinking water to its citizens.

Water District #1 Of Midland County


Monday - Friday
8AM-Noon & 1PM-5PM
(with the exception of holidays)

Mailing Address:

PO Box 320
Sanford MI 48657

Message Us:

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