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Water Distribution System Operator

Seeking full-time water distribution operator. Will be involved in all aspects of operation, maintenance, and management of water distribution system. Customer interaction skills are needed. Requires high school diploma. Strong math and science knowledge are applicable. Ability to acquire S-distribution licensing. Good physical condition, self-motivated, mechanical aptitude, and computer skills are desirable.

Salary range of $18.00-$25.00 per hour with a good benefits package. Interested parties are encouraged to send inquiries and resumes to: [email protected]


Job Description

Water District No. 1 consists of a multitude of varied operations required to be carried out by a small staff. This requires that W.D. 1 personnel be able to cooperate, communicate, and operate as a team; with job duties overlapping and interfacing.
Performs a variety of skilled work associated with general oversight, construction, maintenance, and emergency repair of the District’s complex water distribution system. Consisting of over 200+ miles of pipeline, 4,000+ metered water services, 2 pressure zones, and numerous tanks, pump stations and pressure regulating facilities.
Operate and maintain W.D. 1 of Midland County Water System. This includes all mains, hydrants, valves, pumps and related equipment including computer controls and alarm systems. Perform ongoing systematic maintenance and record-keeping of the above. (920 mainline valves and 1,452 fire hydrants)
In absence of a senior operator, supervise as necessary temporary maintenance technician with approval of Operation and Maintenance committee chairman or Board chairman.

Coordinates with others for assistance or repair, and all other public and private agencies as necessary.
Reviews technical journals and other data and disseminates information.
Keep records and prepare reports.
Keep water system plans up to date.
Keeps careful records and information on system operations
Have knowledge to perform, as necessary office procedures: computer capability in utility billing, inventory. Customer traffic via phone in the office, issue permits for new connections. All aspects of the billing process establish new meter read routes and issue sequence numbers.
Performs basic customer support activities involving the service, installation, modification and repair of water distribution equipment and systems.
Have knowledge and experience of and perform as necessary: Turn on/off water service, set meters for new customer connections, diagnose and repair metering problems and customer complaints. Assist as necessary non-payment of bill notice/shut off procedures
Share on-call responsibilities nights and weekends for both emergency response and regular system monitoring
Coordinate and supervise new customer connections, system repairs and modifications.
Respond to water system emergencies
Assist in repair, testing and disinfection of water mains.
Routinely flush and clean water mains.
Collect and transport water samples.
Clean and disinfect storage tanks.
Protect equipment and facilities from corrosion.
Monitor pump motors to detect unusual noises, vibrations or excessive heat.
Adjust and clean pump seals and packing glands and clean mechanical seals.
Repair and overhaul pumps, motors, and control valves.
Perform efficiency tests on pumps, and other equipment.
Troubleshoot and correct minor electrical and mechanical equipment problems.
Monitor for hazardous atmospheres and confined spaces and correct any problems before entry.
Conduct safety inspections, follow safety rules.
Maintains a good relationship with public and responds to complaints regarding operations.
Troubleshoot and address water-related complaints.
Discuss with customers their water-related concerns.
Communicate effectively with owners, employees, customers, regulatory personnel and others.
Interprets and makes required replacement/adjustments of specialized equipment and instruments such as pressure transducers, recorders, gauges, meters, charts and dials.
Possess and maintain through DEQ approved continuing education a minimum S-3 Water Distribution System Operator License
Responsible for staying up to date with currently accepted utility practices, procedures and technical aspects
Instruct, schedule work and supervise contractors as necessary.
Provide parts, materials, and supervise/inspect all work. Record field data, update maps and records
Read meters for quarterly billing/finals as necessary
Have knowledge of and implement Water District ordinances, policies and by-laws.
Installs, repairs and replaces mains and water meters.
Locates and properly marks underground water system assets per Miss Dig rules and regulations.
Assist in the production and distribution of Annual Consumer Confidence Report
Prepare, distribute, and update as necessary a contingency plan outlining a program for rapid correction of emergencies, such as power outages, water main breaks, system contamination, etc.
Assist in maintaining ongoing cross connection program.
Assist in implementation of annual testing requirements for copper/lead detection program
Stay abreast or ahead of the curve for upcoming testing/sampling programs
Maintain system reports: water sales, water consumption, lost water, unbilled water, hydrant, as well as any DEQ mandated reports
Tests equipment and notes working order.
Notifies customers of scheduled and emergency outages.
Works under general supervision.
Perform meter reads and field investigations.
Perform collection activities of delinquent accounts.
Under specific direction, follows established policies and procedures in conducting service, installation and repair of equipment to ensure proper working order.
Maintain vehicle as well as maintenance records for all water system vehicles
Operates company vehicle according to established safety procedures• Operate power and hand tools such as, electric tools, tapping machines, and other tools as required.
Schedules and performs routine periodic maintenance and emergency repair of pressure regulating valves.
Periodically operate and place online the standby power source in order to assure continuous operation of the water supply system.
Delineates traffic and work areas following established guidelines
Operate, maintain and troubleshoot computerized telemetry systems for monitoring water pump stations, storage facilities and pressure regulators.
In the event chemical treatment of the water supply becomes necessary, daily monitoring of the chemical feed pumps, solutions barrels, and feed system in general will be mandatory. In conjunction with treatment of the water supply system, the individual who is most directly responsible for maintaining the water supply system must attain the necessary water treatment operator’s certification. When treatment is practiced, submission of a monthly operation report is mandatory.

NOTE: The above-listed duties are not necessarily all-inclusive of what could be necessary to maintain a municipal water supply system in good repair and to assure the adequate supply of water meeting all state drinking water standards.

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