Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my bill at the bank?

The Chemical Bank branch in Sanford ONLY will accept water bill payments for us UP TO 2 DAYS BEFORE THE SHUTOFF DATE. If you have received a shut off notice, it is best to deliver the payment directly to our office to ensure timely posting. For your convenience, we have an after hours drop box located just outside our fence. Drop box is checked daily. Please do not use cash when using the Drop Box and include the top portion of your bill with your payment.

Can you waive my penalty?

The board does not allow us to waive penalties. Payment must be received by 5pm on the due date or a 10% penalty will be assessed.

How do I get the water bill taken out of my name or put into my name?

If you have purchased or sold the home, please contact our office either by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to process your request. We need to receive a phone call from both the buyer and seller of the property to complete the transfer. You must be able to provide the date of possession or closing date when you call. We do not put water bills into the name of a renter. Please call if further information is needed regarding rental situations.

How does your AutoDraft program work?

We currently accept Cash, Money Order and Check. We unfortunately do not accept credit or debit cards. We do have an auto-draft program that you can sign up for. Please print the AutoDraft Form, complete it and return to our office if you'd like to enroll. Once you are signed up, you will still receive a bill in the mail as normal, but there will be a note on the bill that says "Auto-Draft-DO NOT PAY." The amount on the bill is the amount that will be taken out of your account.